Whilst camping at Keurboomsriver, an Egyptian geese family with eight chicks, was swimming past on the rever on a daily basis. But then, a kingfisher attacked one of the chicks and injured it severely.

Egyptian Geese (Acrylic on Canvas, 100cm x 60cm, by Marie Kachelhoffer)

The result was that the chick had such a bad injury it could no longer walk. Now when the ckicks come out to feed that little one was still floating for hours on the water. Our neighbours who had a son that was in a wheelchair, would take him out early mornings. Then they would park his wheelchair in the tent so that he could watch the river and activities. Thay noticed the injured and lame chick and took it into their tent to care for it. Every night it would sleep in a heated box and then they would carry it to the mom and place it in the water. That went on for about three weeks. I could see that the shick deteriorated and was small in comparison to the other chicks.

One day I walked outside and watched the family coming out of the water. Now I knew by then the little one needed help. But to my amazement little one came out of the water falling and limping, but trying to walk. That is when I know it was a Miracle. Every day it g

ot stronger and soon walking with family. But my heart sighed for the friendly helping people.... how they wish their son could be that miracle!

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