KWAS First Official meeting!

22 June 2021,

Today, KWAS members from all over KZN got together to officially vote in our first working team!

President, Anneri de Wilde

Vice President, Mandy Yearsley

Secretary, Marie Kachelhoffer

Treasurer, Nikki Frisoli

General Member, Eileen van der Merwe

We have all come to really look forward to these monthly meetings, to talk art, support and inspire each other and work together to market our work and art in our region.

This month we met at Eileen van der Merwe's beautiful home in St Lucia. Eileen's family run Santa Lucia Guesthouse from their home. 

We really enjoyed viewing all the art and souvenirs her family has collected over the year, from their extensive travels. The house is a mixture of rich art and culture, that together with Eileen's seriously delicious lemon meringue, was a real treat for us artists.

Art collection of Eileen van der Merwe_e
Home of artists Eileen van der Merwe.jpg
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Artists on a Mission in KZN!

Who we are.

We are a group of both established and emerging artists, from northern KZN. KWAS (KwaZulu-Natal Art Society) is registered as a Voluntary Organisation and a branch of SANAVA. We welcome all artists and friends of the arts in our Art Society.

What we do.

KWAS is a group of artists who support, encourage and inspires each other, as we work together to promote and grow our art careers. Although many event and plans were cancelled or postponed due to covid this year, we are looking forward to joint exhibitions, workshops, art retreats and many more as for 2022 onwards. We are working to promote art tourism to the far northern parts of KZN, including St Lucia and surrounds.  

Contact us to find out more or to request a  application form 

078 6464023


You are automatically a member of SANAVA and can apply for rcan apply for a residency at the Cite Apartments in Parise


Mambers can partake in any Group KWAS exhibitions and competitions


Receive information on art related events, competitions and interests


Join workshopd and demonstrations by artists and industry experts

Members Application

To become a member, sign up here. We will forward our banking details. Membership is R150 per year, renewalble 1 March each year.