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St Lucia
Art Workshop Festival

Join us for a weekend of ART & CRAFT!

Now is the time to spoil yourself and take up a new hobby!


Or come learn some new painting and drawing techniques. Invest in yourself, because us humans were born to be creative. It's been a hard year, but art and crafts can help keep us grounded enhance mindfulness, de-stress us and help us find joy in simple pleasures. 

At our Art Workshop Festival, you will meet other art and crafts enthusiasts, get exclusive access to our Workshop Facebook page with follow-up support, tips and encouragements, all materials, equipment and art kits are included in the prices, our workshop groups are kept small for individual attention and  are covid compliant. All in a beautiful and relaxing rustic country setting. Attendees will be spoiled with a lavish spead at our refeshments table and much more.


Over two days we will be hosting six fantastic art workshops, by experienced artists and fine crafters. Not to be missed!

Our town is buzzing with art, creativity and natural beauty. And with so many accommodation options to choose from, and so much to see and do, why not make a weekend getaway of it. Join a workshop or two and you will still have plenty of time to relax and to explore this nature lover's paradise.

To Book, contact The Gallery-St Lucia, by e-mailing us or phone us on 078 6464 023

Art in Nature

Get Creative


There is no better way to relax and unwind than immersing yourself in an art or craft project. Art can be be fun, therapeutic and an is excellent way to practice mindfulness. Combine that with the many mind-health benefits of nature and our Art Workshops in the beautiful St Lucia is just the thing to beat the winter blues.

Here at The Gallery-St Lucia, we love seeing creativily grow and visitors become friends. We would love you to stay connected to our creative community, even after the workshops are done. Our artists and crafters are looking forward to meeting  and creating with you.